SA War-Mongering: President Zuma wields a big stick in Africa!

Our foreign policy as a country should be guided STRICTLY by Human Rights and the Non-Aggression Principle!

I do not believe war can ever bring lasting peace…so why is the ANC government, more so under President Jacob Zuma, pursuing a big-stick approach on the continent?

Our incursion into the rest of Africa under the guise of peace keeping and or some sort of African Nationalist duty to intervene in other countries, by using our South African National Defense Force (SANDF), is problematic and highly questionable.

Is it not the height of irony that South Africa, the country which resolved its own major differences through largely peaceful dialogue and negotiation, is teaching other strife ridden and/or war-torn countries that war and military intervention is the way?!

The ANC is effectively using a DEFENSE force for AGGRESSIVE action in locations across the continent, most prominent of which are the Central African Republic (which recently saw 13 SANDF soldiers lose their lives) and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where battle-hardened M23 Rebels are relishing a good fight with our troops…*sigh*.

I do not understand this government, do you?


About @SihleDLK

I'm a Classical Liberal, and firm believer in liberty. I am on a crusade to enfranchise the many through Popular Capitalism. Will you join me?
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